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Ladies and gentlmen, we are glad to see you on our russian language site devoted to the famous russian actress Yelizavjeta Boyarskaya!

This web-site is devoted to the daughter of the famous Russian actor Mikhail Boyarskiy, no less well-known movie actress Yelizavjeta Boyarskaya. The Yelizavjeta's creative work is extensively described on our web-site, the information is being constantly updated. Working with the news agencies, we collect only checked materials about life and work of the actress.

The actresse's name origins from English name Elizabeth (short names are Lisa, Lise), it transformed into the Russian variant, that is used in Internet in several variants: Yelizavjeta, Elizaveta (short name is Liza).

- I don't want to be popular, I want to be demanded.

• Golden Soffit Award Winner in the category "Best Debut" for the role of Goneril in the play "King Lear" - 2006
• Independent Youth Triumph Award Winner as the best actress - 2008
• Russia Movie Award Winner for the best female role in the feature film "Admiral" - 2009

Best movie roles

Several best films, in which Liza took part

Liza Boyarskaya in the film 'Admiral' "Admiral" is a film about the destiny and love of the Russian admiral Kolchak, who battled during the civil war against Red Army of Bolsheviks' communist party during the period from 1918 to 1920. He fighted for Russia, that he loved, and for the woman, in whom he believed. The main topic of the film is love. Why? The answer is simple. Love is the only thing one should live for. Yelizavjeta Boyarskaya plays the beloved woman of the admiral Kolchak Anna Timireva. The Film is made by the Russian filmmakers in the year 2009. To show photo »

Liza Boyarskaya in the film 'Downfall' "Downfall" is the film of german cinematographers (the year 2004). The German name of the film is "Der Untergang". This is a reliable, historic drama of high quality based on the memoirs of the Hitler's stenographist Traudl Jung and the evidences of eyewitnesses, the drama about the last days of the World War II, about the last hours of Hitler, Eva Braun, Hebbels and other big wheels of the Third Reich. Yelizavjeta Boyarskaya plays the regular nurse of the bunker personnel.
In the year 2005 it received Oscar as the best film in the foreign language, the German Film Academie three awards nominations, the Europenean film award nominations 2004 in the best actor category To show photo »

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